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GOD Changed Bad Situations Into Blessings
By Jimmy & Lenny | Published on : Monday, 07/02/11

To God all praise and glory! What God's Almighty power had made His gracious healing and blessed our lives through His loyal servant, Pastor Handoyo Santoso.

Friday, January 14, 2011, I took a 4D ultrasound photo in a hospital for my second pregnancy with the same doctor who delivered my first-born baby. Our doctor is an experienced doctor, he is very professional and knows what he is doing. We always have confident in trusting his opinion.

At that time I was in my 29 weeks and 5 days of my pregnancy, the USG detected that my baby was underweight. My baby weighed only 1351 gram where it should weigh about 1500 gram for that stage. In addition, the doctor also mentioned that the liquid surrounding the baby inside my womb was not enough (though he didn't mention how much liquid was the ideal) and the position of the baby was not good either (the baby was not in the usual head-down position).

Those made me concerned, but I thought: I still had about 11 weeks to fatten up my baby and that the baby might still change its position in the womb.

However, the main concern was that there was not enough fluid in the womb to protect the baby because the fluid functions as the cushion to a baby. The low level of fluid inside my womb was not a good sign. There could be many things go wrong from the baby's kidney system to its genital organ. Those made me feel uneasy and scared.

My husband and I prayed to God for His help to give us the best thing to happen to our baby. We decided to go for second opinion of another doctor in the hospital that was near to my office. On Monday, January 17, 2011, I went to see the new doctor accompanied by my friend who happened to work as a nurse in that hospital before.

I explained to the new doctor about my pregnancy and what went wrong. I took another 4D ultrasound photo and the new result showed that my baby's weight had gone up by 100 gram in 3 days. I thanked God for His mercy! The fluid inside my womb was also suddenly enough and the doctor couldn't find any abnormality in my baby's kidney and its genital organ. However, the doctor found that the sex organs of my baby were not developed as should be.

The more the doctor explained the more panic I became. He said that if in 2 weeks time there were no changes in the sex organs of my baby, then when the baby was born the doctor must do some internal checkup of the baby to see whether the baby had female or male sex organs inside the body. If the baby had female internal sex organs such as the ovaries, the uterus etc. then the doctor would do a cosmetic surgery to change the baby's external sex organ to a girl. And if the baby had male internal sex organs then the doctor would do a cosmetic surgery to change the baby's external sex organ into a boy. The doctor asked me to come back for another check-up in 2 weeks time on January 31, 2011. Everything that went wrong all mixed up in my head and I couldn't help worrying what if the sex organs of my baby didn't develop to normal by the end of the third week of my pregnancy?

I told my husband what happened, we cried and prayed to God to forgive all the sins we made in our job, family and all other things that might be the cause of this problem. We know that we are not supposed to worry and just surrender to God, but at that time we were still afraid. Our friends recommended us to see another doctor. But I didn't want to hear any more of bad news about my baby and we have decided to go to see Pastor Handoyo Santoso on Sunday, January 24, 2011, for help in prayer.

From that Monday doctor visit, my husband and I kept praying everyday but feeling fear at the same time. It came to Sunday, when we met Pastor Handoyo and told him everything about my pregnancy. Pastor Handoyo responded that we should accept reality but knowing that God always had our best interest at heart and He could change any bad situation into our good. We replied to Pastor Handoyo that we, too, hoped what he said would come true. But Pastor Handoyo corrected us: "Not hope! Do you think this is a lottery? We should have FAITH to Jesus and don't be afraid! God will give the best outcome!" Then Pastor Handoyo prayed for my husband and I. When he laid his hand on my head, I felt the power of God came down all thru my body. I closed the prayer with "Amen".

We didn't go to other doctor and we didn't tell our big family members either because we didn't want them to worry about us. We just prayed, prayed and prayed. Then on January 31, 2011, we came back to our doctor and he was surprised with the result. The 4D ultrasound photo showed that our baby's external sex organ was completely developed and the baby's weight went up from 1451 grams to 2038 grams. Praise the Lord! God is Kind and Amazing!

The doctor confirmed that what happened to my pregnancy was not a normal case and it was a miracle that the baby's sex organs were finally changed to normal again by the end of 30th week of pregnancy. Our God is Almighty!!

Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank you Pastor Handoyo, we are praying for your services for the greatest Lord Jesus! May God bless you and be with you always! Amen.